Tiny Tots

Age 2

Introduction to Creative Movement. Parent assisted class


Creative Movement

Ages 3-4

Introduction to dance and movement


Primary 1, 2, & 3

Ages 4-6

Combination style classes of ballet, tap, & gymnactics

Beginning Dance Combo. & Level 1 Combo.

Ages 7 - 12

Combination style classes of ballet, tap, & jazz


Ballet Levels 1 Through Advanced

Progressive Levels of Ballet Technique and choreography



Pointe Preparation & Pointe Technique classes for continuing Ballet students


Tap Levels 1 Through Advanced

Progressive Levels of Tap technique & choreography. Focusing on both traditional & modern tap styles


Jazz  Levels 1 Through Advanced

Progressive levels in Jazz technique. Focusing on traditional, lyrical, & contemporary styles


Hip Hop Intro A & B

Introduction to Hip Hop technique and choreography for 1st & 2nd year Hip Hop students


Hip Hop Levels 1 - Advanced

Progressive levels in technique and choreography for the continuing Hip Hop student. Focusing on a variety of hip hop & funk styles


Musical Theater A , B & C

Focus on Broadway Musicals, and themed dance. Incorporates story lines/lyrics, choreography, and character development

Children's Gymnastics
Ages 3 - 6

Introduction to Gymnastics with focus on floor/mat work(tumbling), basic trampoline, & balance beam.


Adult Barre

Fitness class utilizing the ballet barre. Class work incorporates barre work, floor work, and traditional exercise for overall fitness. Designed to be a fun filled, non competitive adult class for all fitness levels.